Brothers and Sisters All

Brothers and Sisters All-


Around us familiar fellows flow

Sharing an ancestry of long ago

Similarly shaped yet uniquely designed

Not at face value to be maligned

One carries an elevated height

Whereas  another’s a petite delight

The vivacious fill the day with fiery spice

Strolling retirees think a sunset’s nice

Audacious  and serene

Magenta and green

Some applaud our similarities

While others single out peculiarities

Please heed this poignant call

See us as brothers and sisters all


Together We Grow

Together We Grow-



Here  we stand joined together reaching skyward

Bound by rings of love and time we grow

Our roots penetrate deep into fertile soil

Sun seeking and life giving, our branches spread wide

Generations of offspring gather at our feet

In seasons old wind whipped us  nearly bare

Lightning  threw her daggers all around

Storms of pelting ice sought to beat us down

But love has taught us to wait for parting clouds

Gentle rains come to welcome rainbows of promise

Once again life breaks forth in celebration

And we resume our stretch for the heavens


Note: I took this photograph in Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. While on a walk in the forest, I spotted these two white pines. They grew so close together that they appeared joined at the base. As I pondered these two beautiful trees, I felt as though they were a metaphor for me and my husband. Married for 47 years, we have grown side by side as love carried us.

Borne on a Butterfly

Neonate Butterfly-

Neonate clothed in tangerine, linger awhile among the petals

Pause to hear my plea for I am earthbound

Your wings of strength will carry you to worlds ethereal

There beauty wears perfume and time holds its breath

Would you carry my dream?

Do not be surprised or afraid for my secret vision weighs not

My desire only longs to dance on lilting summer breezes

It seeks unfettered grace like a rainbow in the mist

For now gravity’s chains bind me, so take this portion of my heart

Lift my dream so it  can fly free

I Am a Flower

Floating Frangipani-

One day when I get stuck in the blue

I will lift up clear through it

Like a hot air balloon without noise or heat

I will float through yielding clouds

I am a flower borne by an updraft

into air pure and cleansing

The wind cradles me as I ascend

gently lifted far beyond gravity’s pull

I am fragrant and beautiful

Here the dream interwoven in my history

takes shape as ethereal meets substance

Now I know as I am known

A Dog’s Favorite Things

A Dog's Favorite 1-


these things make my dog-heart throb:

a fresh bone trimmed with bits of sweet meat

snuggling cozy-warm  at the foot of my human’s bed

a spring day’s sprint through life-bursting woods

a head pat and GOOD DOG, the choicest of sounds

but my very favorite, the joy I crave combines three:

playing with my owner, swimming, retrieving

pick up my favorite rubber dumbbell

head for the water

my heart pounds, throw it!

rush into the water, chest expanding, muscles digging

now I see it, almost within my grasp

open strong jaws, bite firm, turn

paddle hard, almost there, catch my owner’s smile

GOOD DOG,  shake

throw it again! again! again!

so good, this dog’s life

so panting good

 A Dog's Favorite 2-

Out on a Limb

Roseate Spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill


You may think I have landed in a risky position

out here on a limb with nothing but ambition

The majority might feel wobbly and insecure

and so call my feat a stunt for the immature

But before you judge please let me explain

why walking around up here is not so inane

Most seek for gratification in things material

while I find the beauty of a cerulean sky ethereal

My view from here gives me a new perspective

on venues to choose so I can be quite selective

Above all this place is perfect for contemplation

for in all creation’s beauty I find inspiration

But before you consider climbing toward the sky

remember that I am equipped with wings that fly

 Roseate Spoonbilll GC crp-

Note: These photos were taken at Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands in Palm Beach, Florida. Green Cay is a wonderful place to stroll on boardwalks through active wetlands and forested habitats. In addition to wading birds, mammals such as otter and bobcat can be found. My husband saw a good sized bobcat and tried to get my attention, but by the time I got there with my camera the bobcat had gone into seclusion. After reading my poem, he pointed out that a he has only seen a true cerulean sky in two places, the Great Bahama Banks and West Virginia. I won’t argue the point, but Florida skies must be a close second.

Juvenile Jabberwocky–heron style

Juvenile Great Blue Heron

Juvenile Great Blue Heron

I may be a juvenile, but not for long!

They say I look handsome, like my  Dad

Check out my dark blue crown

So what if a few feathers slip out of place

I possess a great name and a greater destiny

Soon I’ll soar on giant wings

My form alone will command respect

Have you heard the power of my SQUAWK?

I am a GREAT blue heron

Mom?   Mom!   Where’s Mom?

I’m hungry!

I found this juvenile Great Blue Heron at the Venice Area Audubon Rookery on Florida’s west coast. It sat, seemingly mesmerized, alone near the pond shoreline. About ten feet away,  sat a mature Great Blue, presumably a parent on watch. Both birds allowed me to approach with my camera, the adult comfortable enough to take a nap. Amused by the young bird’s disheveled feathers, I captured this photo.