I can fly!

 I’ll never forget the day my husband challenged me to learn to fly. I’d just finished a ride in a very small private plane that ended with me cradling my head on my knees and begging the pilot to “Land, please. Anywhere; just land!” After that terrifying and equally humiliating experience, my husband who purported to love me, wanted me to—take flying lessons?

The short of it is that a bit of feminine pride forced me to accept his dare and, yes, I did learn to fly. I even got my private pilot’s license. It’s an accomplishment that has helped this faint-of-heart to affirm again and again, at least metaphorically, “I can fly!” This Cessna 150 looks just like the one I soloed in.

TakeoffCessna 150

Today, I’m launching myself into the air once more, this time as a blogger. The prospect has chewed at the recesses of my mind for months and I have successfully suppressed it, until now.  Armed with my laptop, fueled with research on blogging hosts, and all practiced up on other people’s sites, I think I’m finally ready.

There’s so much that I want to share with you.  I’m in love with life. Every morning I awaken to the gift of a new day. It’s a fresh page filled with surprises, challenges, discoveries, and so much to learn.  Two of my current passions are writing and photography. I’ve waited through motherhood and a career for the opportunity to pursue them. Last summer I quit my job so I could do just that. Since then, I’ve finished writing a children’s novel and joined a camera club.  

My book is about a North American river otter born as one of two pups in the secure recesses of a verdant tree island hammock in the Everglades.  Nurtured by his mother and inseparable from his sister, a series of calamities tear at his self-confidence. His strict father, whom he idolizes, accuses him of negligence in his sister’s life-threatening encounter with an alligator. Shortly thereafter, his father abandons the family to travel with a male otter pack.  A monster hurricane destroys the otters’ den sending mother and pups on an Everglades wide search for a new home. Arriving in the Pinelands, an angry panther and a lightning s parked fire separate the young otter from his mother and sister. Lost and alone he continues his journey, a quest for love and self-identity. The first picture below was taken in the Everglades and the second on my patio. Otter John, of Wild Florida Productions, Inc. generously brought two of his otters to my home just so I could observe them at play in our pool. Visit him and all of his amazing animals at his website: http://www.otterman.net/John%20Bio/bio.html .


 I\'m \ Chloe 

I love the natural world that unfolds before my eyes each morning. It’s a dream and a challenge for me to capture that beauty with my Nikon D40X digital camera. Right now I’m in the transition between point and shoot and photographic artistry. Little by little I’m experimenting with Photoshop Essentials. Through my local photography club I’m learning and growing. The members are knowledgeable and friendly. Each month we have two meetings. At the first, photos taken to fit a specified category are judged and critiqued.  Out of that, two photos are chosen, one judged best of show and one chosen by the members.  The second is a program meeting.  I always leave those meetings challenged and motivated.  Kat Silverglate, the inventor of photocrylics was one of our recent speakers. Check out her fascinating website:  http://photosbykat.net/about/ . Field trips both near and far invite our participation. Here are a couple of photos that I have submitted at club meetings for critique.

 Great White Egret in the Cypress Forest Red-bellied Woodpecker at Breakfast Baby Einstein Weathered 

I would love to hear from you.  You might like to comment on my blog or share your interests with me. That way we can get to know each other.


11 thoughts on “I can fly!

  1. I am so inspired by your pursuit to fulfill your loves of writing and photography. Your writing filled my mind with breath-taking awe! Great photos, morningjoy! 😉

  2. Thank you, eech1teach1. We all have dreams that await fulfillment. Even in a treadmill world we must make time for our destiny.

  3. How inspiring! I think it’s wonderful that you’ve continued to pursue your lifelong dreams. You never stop learning, that’s why you stay so young and current. I recently reached a big goal in my life and I’m on my way to achieving 2 more by the end of this year. You have inspired me to continue to dream even after I’ve reached those goals. God is so amazing. We can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

  4. Thank you, Aisha. How often we limit the potential that God has put within us. He promised us abundant life. Let’s seize it!

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