Morning Joy

Restless, I turned toward the window. A bleary awareness of light penetrated my sleep anesthetized mind. Morning.  Reluctantly, mechanically, I crawled from my warm nest and performed the perfunctory grooming tasks before pulling on my jogging clothes. A drink of juice and out the door I strode. In the predawn hush I stretched and then turned toward the park. The earth waited in quiet reverence, still tucked in the womb of the morning. Already, the eastern sky glowed with the soft fuzz of a ripened peach.  Hurry, I thought, the magic’s about to begin.

Morning Park Light

As I swung into the park my stride slowed, for a vision of wonder grew before my eyes.  Fog rose from the tranquil lake waters and crept up and over the lawn softening images of immovable oaks and gumbo limbo. The tightly wrapped bud of a wild morning glory peeked from a lakeside thicket and relaxed in eager anticipation of the sunrise. 

Ever so gradually rays from the still hidden sun played a visual symphony of splendor upon the sky. First, dusty periwinkle blue clouds glowed with edges of fiery tangerine. Then, shafts of golden light spread upward reaching toward the western horizon.  Suddenly, the white hot sun burst into view washing the atmosphere in hues of deepening ruby orange. The earth blushed with the radiance of fresh light as it threw off its misty shroud.

Sunrise in the Park

On cue, the trumpet like morning glory unfolded. A field of diamonds spread across the grass sparkling in the growing light. I began to run. A flock of white ibis, flushed from their mangrove beds, took wing whirring past me, their flight feathers gilded with sunlight.  A red-bellied woodpecker churr-churred for his mate as if to say, “Come, this tree has the tastiest bugs.”  Tiny grass skippers flitted across the field seeking out miniature flowers rich with nectar.  

Sunrise Ibis 





My feet beat out a cadence, a heartbeat of rhythm that said: clean, fresh; new. Thoughts ricocheted like ping pong balls in my mind as I jogged to the other side of the park: one more chance, a fresh start, a new outlook; restored energy for another day.  As the sun mounted high on morning’s wings, three brightly colored hot air balloons floated under baby pink and blue puffs of cloud.  I imagined myself floating so high above yesterday’s issues and today’s challenges. Could I too see with a new perspective? Yes. Morning joy had given me that confidence. Invigorated and ready, I turned back toward home.   
Balloons at Sunrise



3 thoughts on “Morning Joy

  1. What a wonderful way to start the day. I love the mornings because everything is fresh and new and quiet. You’re way of describing things is so beautiful; keep up the great writing!

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