Yucca and You

Purest beauty of celestial white,

Six arms spread in gossamer light.

Daughter of drought at life’s end,

Pushed from thorny nest to ascend.

Await a savior if you please,

Filigreed wings borne on a breeze.

Collect my pollen; take it all,

Push and roll into a golden ball.

Lay your eggs; part my secret deep

Before my head droops in sleep.

Miraculous uniting hidden within

Dark seeds of promise all locked-in.

Life’s circle turns as petals fall,

Tomorrow’s offspring, worth it all.

Note: Yucca flowers rely on the yucca moth for pollination, a process that assures the survival of both species. You can read about this amazing process in the Wayne’s Word article, The Yucca and its Moth.

One thought on “Yucca and You

  1. I love the dark background and how it brings out the brilliant white of these flowers. Your poem brings this amazing flower to life and describes it’s purpose so well. Amazing how the moth and yucca need eachother…Isn’t this yet another excellent example of how detailed our Creator is? All creation truly declares His glory and reveals His handiwork!

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