Happy New Year!

My husband and I spent our New Year’s Eve in Miami, Florida. First, we oohed and ahhed at the 750,000 light Clot Family Christmas Display.

clot-family-tree clot-english-village

Then, we drove to downtown Miami where a massive New Year’s Eve celebration was already underway in Bayfront Park. Miamians whooped it up in a giant conga line while awaiting the magic hour.



A huge neon sunglasses bespectacled King Orange rose to the top of  the InterContinental Miami at midnight. Fireworks burst from the hotel’s rooftop.

King Orange at Midnight

King Orange at Midnight

Instantly, adjacent Biscayne Bay erupted in a blaze of fireworks.

2009-fireworks-over-biscayn 2009-fireworks-filll-the-sk

2009-fireworks-concussion 2009-fireworks-finale

As we walked back to our car we observed a unique crowd: rich, poor, some jubilant, and many others somber.

InterContinental Miami January 1, 2009



A friendly couple named Ray and Linda walked part way with us. After wishing each other a happy and safe New Year, Linda commented, “We need to pray for our country.” I couldn’t agree more. After  the night of celebrating is finished and morning dawns on our individual and corporate situations, that seems to be the wisest choice for us all.

Happy New Year.

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