Don’t Call Me Common



Common Yellowthroat

Call me industrious
as you watch my voracious flitting
here and there to seize savory insects.

Call me nimble
darting through brush mazes
too quick to see.

Call me an acrobat
when I punctuate my aerial loops
with sky-high love calls.

Call me a virtuoso
while I warble a melodious
whitchery-whitchery wit.

Call me clever
after I sneak food to my young
eluding even the predator’s gaze.

Call me dashing
in my ebony mask with sunflower
yellow breast down.

Call me what you wish,
but P L E A S E
don’t call me Common.

Everglades Hunter

Everglades Hunter

Common (shh!) YELLOWTHROAT

Common (shh!) YELLOWTHROAT


7 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Common

  1. I know these kind of bird don’t sit still for too long so you got some great photos here. He sure is a colorful little guy. 🙂

    BTW, MJ, I’ve posted my first interactive “assignment” on my blog today. I hope you will join in the fun and anyone else reading this, too!

  2. Nice images of this interesting little bird. -And its environment!
    We do have a little bird with the same shape in Denmark, but it is shades of brown all over. I guess it hides better that way.

  3. I LOVE the poem Karen, very well said. How can we ever think anything to be common?!? Nice photos as well, you really captured the active little UNcommon Warbler.

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