elegant grace

A pair of American Avocets has chosen one of my favorite small wetlands for their winter home. Still in formal winter dress, they spend their days sweeping their long thin upturned beaks through shallow water until they find crustaceans to pluck up and consume. Recently, I reached out with my lens to capture these images.

Avocet Pair

Avocet Pair

As the sun slipped through a cloud-spattered sky toward the horizon, I found the pair involved in bathing and grooming rituals. Lured by their elegant beauty and graceful movements, I observed them from afar. They splashed,

Bath Time

Bath Time

fluffed their chic feathers,

Fluff Enough

Fluff Enough




and leapt into the air before settling near each other again.

One on the Wing

One on the Wing

In all the time I studied them they remained together. I hope they stay long enough to don their bronze gazelle-like breeding plumage before flying north. Even so, their elegant grace is a joy and wonder to behold.

10 thoughts on “elegant grace

  1. Wow, I really enjoyed viewing your last few blogs – especially this one. What a lovely pair of birds with such unique beaks! Beautiful photography.

  2. Thank you, Lynn, Randy, and Katy. Your comments encourage me.
    Lynn, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the avocets. They are truly lovely.
    Randy, much of the “clarity and ease” in these shots can be attributed to my NikonD300. It’s quite a camera.
    Yes, Katy, I shot these at Cutler Wetlands.

  3. What a super series. You must have had a good time watching these beautiful birds. The last and the second are ‘just on time’. They look so sharp, your images.

  4. What beautiful birds – and spectacular photos—- You see and share the beauty of this world in such a lovely way. Thank you for sharing.


  5. These are very graceful and lovely shore birds. The last one especially captures the grace. The wings look so delicate and, yet, so strong.

    Interesting that they spend the winter so far east and then nest in western Canada. Now, that’s a smart bird. 🙂

  6. Mom,
    These are the most interesting birds I’ve seen in a long time. I agree- the last picture is fantastic! Are their legs blue? Chic, indeed.

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