just a walk in the park

Something quite unusual happened this morning. A fog bank appeared out of a clear blue sky and moved across our piece of South Florida. When I saw it advancing, I grabbed my camera and took off for the park at the end our our street. The blanket of mist had just moved in dotting the grass with dew and settling over the lake.

Misty Morning

Misty Morning

A Muscovy duck winged its way across silent waters.

Muscovy in Fog

Muscovy in Fog

Nighttime’s lacy spider webs sparkled with orbs of dew.

A Spider Waits for Her Web to Dry

A Spider Waits for Her Web to Dry

Strings of moisture pearls threaded on spider silk adorned last season’s cypress needles.

Pearl Draped Cypress

Pearl Draped Cypress

Like a kid seeking treasure, I walked along the lake’s shore looking for more hidden beauty. I knew the perfect mix of water and sun that created this star spangled world would not last long. Hidden among reedy papyrus I discovered this dainty crystal basket.

Papyrus Sheltered Crystal Basket

Papyrus Sheltered Crystal Basket

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the fog lifted and I turned toward home. However, one more bit of morning joy lay in my path. A small feather, recently shed by some avian visitor, had also been dew kissed.

Dewdrop Feather

Dewdrop Feather

I think these little bits of short-lived natural beauty could stand up against the most highly prized baubles in any jewelry store. Now captured by my eyes and logged among my treasured memories these images are mine to savor forever.



10 thoughts on “just a walk in the park

  1. Leave it to you my dear friend to capture His amazing treasures; I suppose there is more than mercy that is new for us each morning! 😉

  2. Beautiful. A perfect example of God’s natural creation, creating! Pearls are my favorite jewelry, so your fourth picture took my breath away.

  3. Your photography skills obviously surpass mine. Great photos. I would agree that natural beauty, like that which you captured, usually surpases anything you can find in a store.


  4. These images are absolutely exquisite. Can’t seem to pick a favorite. I love them all. You’ve capture webs with the dew and turned them into beautiful jewelry.

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