dawn’s silhouettes

If I wake up in time, I can be on the ocean shore in 15 minutes. That’s where I feel the full impact of the sun’s instantaneous explosion of light as it pops above the horizon. As many times as I have witnessed a sunrise, the event always fills me with wonder. The turning of the earth on its axis and the assurance that the darkest of nights will surrender to the brilliance of daylight is a certainty that’s too easily taken for granted. But, stop and ponder for a few moments. All life is held in the promise of each new day’s light.


Have you ever noticed the contrast of early  light and deepest black at dawn? It’s almost as if the night tries to hold on tight to all it has gripped for the past twelve hours. All that remains in nighttime shrouds is flat and lifeless, almost without form and void.

Yet, the light brings depth, and body, and texture. It’s almost as if the earth and the sea can breathe again.


On this particular morning a flock of White Ibis flew in from their nocturnal roost and began to feed along the shore. As I crept in for a closer look they startled and flew toward the shelter of light, each bird silhouetted against dawn’s fiery breath.


Alone again, I sat on the ground and watched the increasing flood of light fill the sky. Seen from behind even I had been a sillhouette, but in the warm light of the sun I too glowed with the newness of a fresh day.


11 thoughts on “dawn’s silhouettes

  1. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to comment.
    Chris, it’s nice to hear from you. I enjoy your images as well.
    Carsten, my favorite is also the ibis silhouettes. It’s amazing that the photo turned out. I didn’t think the birds would fly so I took it quite suddenly.
    Lynn, as you can see I love sunrise photos, too.
    Susan, you hit it right on the head. This is Snowden’s, and I like playing in the mangroves myself. They’re so much fun to climb around on. Perhaps you can bring the children here for a sunrise. I think they’d enjoy it.

  2. Nice freeze of the sunrise with the White Ibis in the forefront. We love the “Golden Hour” in the morning, it is always beautiful.

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