call me stilted


How easy to judge at first glance
to sum me up and decree:
“She’s uppity, just look how she walks;
see, there’s mud on her toes,”
and on they talk.

Heads wagging, not knowing
that mire hides treasures sweet:
morsel-gems to nourish a soul,
sequestered dark and deep;
stored just for me.

I Am created me perfectly,
a tailored contrast, ebony on white,
gliding along on stilts so strong
with a view that others rarely
pause to see.

My wild niche fits sweet
with water shallow, screens of green,
and beaches warm where I can nest.
With fellows here, we watch and keep
through life-tempest.

If you will, come closer please;
sit there, don tights of pink,
perceive through chestnut eyes
poised over beak straight and true.
Let Light come to you.

Paths of purpose we may walk
as parcels of the plan.
Judge not the visage strange;
take time to look,
acclaim and understand.

Black-necked Stilt

Black-necked Stilt

Black-necked stilts have the longest legs for their size of any bird, second only to the flamingo. As such, they are abundantly equipped for foraging on fresh and saltwater mud flats and marshes. There they spot insects, tadpoles, aquatic crustaceans, and seeds to feed upon. With their long slender bills they expertly extract their food. Found during the winter along the southern coastal regions of the United States, some remain year-round while others migrate to more northerly climes for summer breeding and raising of young. Their striking dainty appearance makes them a favorite of nature lovers everywhere.

Black-necked Stilts Flying at Eco Pond in Everglades National Park

Black-necked Stilts Flying over Eco Pond in Everglades National Park


4 thoughts on “call me stilted

  1. I’ve never seen these birds. Once again thank you for sharing, you bring a world to me that I would never get to see. I especially like the second to the last one. This birds eyes shows emotion, or is it just me? She looks very sensitive and sweet. 🙂

  2. Once again, thank you for sharing. Your poem is so beautifully written and your photos so lovely. These are such graceful, delicate birds. So glad you didn’t judge by first appearances and walk away!

  3. Beautiful marriage of words and photos! – You give this birds their due with the grace and dignity that they were created in and for –Excellent

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