Wildwood Pool

Pond sliceOn a recent visit to Virginia, I had time for a bit of Appalachian Mountain exploration. Tucked in a valley between forested slopes I found a pond. The hushed serenity of still water and majestic pines touched my soul. Now, back to routine and life’s business, I long for the peaceful vistas of the mountains. I treasure the memory of moments spent there in solitude and often return in thought to that bucolic place.

Forest Pond

Wildwood pool collected sweet,

sheltered here in forest deep.

Among the reeds your secrets meet

as morning dew begins to weep.

Placid waters still reflect

serene statues’ outstretched arms.

Gentle shadows now protect

velvet fawns’ gracious charms.

Seasons turn upon this mirror

resting under ridges’ steep ascent,

a private place devoid of fear

where beast and blossom rest content.

Destiny’s hand led me here today

teaching principles I must cultivate.

For others, this pool I will portray,

our Father’s refuge to emulate.


6 thoughts on “Wildwood Pool

  1. Karen, Your photos always an utter Joy to see. Love your poem and with its sense of worship for all this beauty that is given. I have been to the hills of Kentucky about 20 years ago and loved the mountains and the beauty of all its wildlife. The mountains there are so peaceful and placid unlike the youth of those here in the West. Thank as always for sharing this beauty with us here.


  2. Your photos and poem just about brought tears to my eyes! Such beauty…and I feel so blessed to be so close to it. God’s creation is for us to enjoy and cherish and I hope to do just that more and more.

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