tasting life

Great Egret Contour Feather and Breeding Plume

Great Egret Contour Feather and Breeding Plume

Swathed in morning’s calm

I probe each feather

Slipping it through oil moistened beak

Locking each barbule into place

Forming shields against sky and sea


Deeper I push

Rustling fluffed down into place

Nibbling along each shaft

Cleaning, restoring from quill to tip

Shaking away feather dust


Ascending lofty branches

Grooming neck and elegant head

Long toes and curved nails combing

Investigating, sorting

Queenly attire


Mounting the newborn breeze

I return to fertile pond

Gliding onto still waters

Freshened for the day

Tasting life

Great Egret

Great Egret

8 thoughts on “tasting life

  1. Thank you for the lovely poems and photos! I regret not stopping by for so long and am glad I finally had a chance to catch up. What a lovely woman you are with so much to share with others…I’m glad you take the time to bless us all. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you, Scott. Some of the photos on this post were taken at the same time as photos on a previous post. I can see how the two could be confused. Hopefully, I can show more variety in the future.

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