Waterfall Watching


Looking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

While wonder-walking in forested reverence

Only a wren’s call fell through sunbeams,

Punctuating wind rustled leaves.

Then, I heard your distant roar.

My heart leapt as I turned to pursue you,

With upturned ear and feet ascending

Over rocky crag and laurel hugged path,

Drawn by your pulsating frenzy.

Breathless, I found you

Wildly dashing to your precipice.

Then, abandoned you grasped the air

Where in glorious freedom you fell.

Sunlight danced upon your face

While rainbows played within your mist

Just as you caught your breath,

Before plunging into aqua deep.

There you swirled by speckled trout

Before resuming your steady race

Over riverbed your artistry carved

Suspended, I watched— lost in your beauty.


Meigs Falls, Great Smoky Mountain National Park

7 thoughts on “Waterfall Watching

  1. I know of the thrill and tranquility of waterfalls which you have so aptly and gracefully described in your poem. The photos are lovely but I like how you framed the waterfall in your second photo. I feel like I am discovering a waterfall for the first time when I first see it through the woods.

    • I am grateful, Scott, for your comment. Spotting a waterfall through the woods fills me with excitement. This one can be seen from the road, which makes it easier, but no less thrilling.

  2. This is so beautiful! I imagine being there is like walking into a dream. It looks so amazing! I bet there’s a lot of noise, but in a good way. 🙂 I have made a challenge at my blog, will you check it out?

    • Deva, I am glad to take up your challenge. Thank you for viewing my blog. I found the noise of the waterfalls calming. I miss them.

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