Along the Anhinga Trail

Little Blue Heron

Joy! The weather is cooler, the hordes of mosquitoes are dissipating, and the birds are back in the Southern Everglades. Last week’s visit to the Anhinga Trail in Everglades National Park brought delightful discoveries all along the 0.8 mile paved trail and boardwalk. I have captured a few of them to share with you.

Great Blue Herons fished along the trail-side canal.

Great Blue Heron

Often they would take to the skies with huge graceful wings pumping air as they flew.

Great Blue Heron in Flight

Anhingas perched along the shore before diving for their next aquatic meal.

Female Anhinga

Female Anhinga

This Tricolored Heron waded among colorful water plants in search of prey.

Tricolored Heron

Perky Green Herons fished from low-lying branches. This little guy raised his crest, Mohawk style, in response to a territorial intruder.

Green Heron

New treats for the eyes and soul appeared at every turn of the trail. This Everglades vista beckoned me from the boardwalk to pause and breathe deeply of the refreshing breeze, enjoy the warm sunlight, and listen to the gentle rustle of tall grasses.

Scene along the Anhinga Trail Boardwalk

I eagerly await opportunities to explore the never ending beauty of Everglades National Park during the winter and spring seasons. I find this untouched wildness restorative and exciting at the same time. It is a place of beauty that each person enjoys in response to their personal awareness and need–a unique place to connect with God’s creation.

Bees on Spatterdock

10 thoughts on “Along the Anhinga Trail

  1. Oh – I would like to join you on a photo safari in The Everglades Karen.
    It is a wonderful world you let us peep into here.
    When we were in Florida we didn’t have time for everything. -I think the malls got their share. -Plenty!

    • The rate of exchange is in your favor, Carsten, so perhaps you could consider another visit–the malls last time and the Everglades the next time. When you cross the Atlantic again, let me know! I would love to go on a photo shoot with you.

  2. Wonderful photos! I lived in Florida for many a year, but was young and didn’t fully appreciate the wonderous treasures of the Everglades. Hope I can get a second chance someday.

    • Yes, Diane, Florida has some beautiful scenery and unique wildlife. I hope you are able to visit your former home state again.

    • Have a wonderful trip. Hope you have time to make it south of Orlando. I think you would enjoy not only the Everglades, but also the beaches.

    • Thank you. I also enjoyed your site, Suwanee Refugee, particularly your Thanksgiving Day entry, Piney Flatwoods Girl. You have had the advantage of growing up in this tropical paradise we call Florida and have so many insights to share with us transplants. I’ll be back to visit frequently.

  3. Beautiful! I espicially like photos 2 and 7. The colors are so vibrant! Thanks always for sharing and so glad you are making time to enjoy God’s creation!

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