Enraptured Raptors, an Osprey Pair

One of the first birds I spotted on a recent trip to Estero Beach near Ft. Meyers on Florida’s southwest coast was a female  Osprey. Occupying a platform on the beach, she nibbled on a recently caught fish and called for her mate.

Female Osprey on Nesting Platform

It was not long before he appeared, magnificent in flight, circling out over water in search of fish, and finally approaching the nest.

Male Osprey in Flight

Apparently a share in the female’s breakfast was not on his mind for as he approached his intended crouched and he landed, ever so gently, on her back.

Amorous Osprey

After mating, he shared her fish and once again took wing. As he flew away from the nest his toes worked furiously together, apparently cleaning his talons. Fascinated, I followed with my lens.

Talon Cleaning

The female remained on the nest, ever alert for her mate’s return.

Waiting and Watching

Perhaps the next time we visit there will be chicks on the nest for us to see. I hope so.

5 thoughts on “Enraptured Raptors, an Osprey Pair

    • Thank you Lynn, Kanniduba, and Camilla. Photographing these birds is pure enjoyment. I see them as amazing creatures–skilled, powerful, and beautiful.

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