Come Apart

There’s a time to come apart

from tangled branches

bearing webs woven too tightly.

To retreat from crowded concrete

and crushing cacophony ‘s

endless refrain.

Walk where healing waters lick your toes

as eddies chase around your ankles

and sweet air cleanses ruffled feathers.

Listen to waves brushing silky sand

with diamond sprinkled sea-foam

in ageless cadence.

Receive from the breeze the Father’s love

as his Genesis-glory envelops

and calms your weary soul.

Linger there awhile

until your burden melts away

with the evening tide.

Welcome peace

and bundle it as a heart-treasure

before you return.

2 thoughts on “Come Apart

  1. I agree with Susan. You have an awesome and beautiful heart and your words bring me such encouragement and peace. I wish I could be there on that beach…I guess I’ll have to close my eyes and use my imagination for now, especially since today’s high is like 29! 🙂

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