it’s all about lunch

A trip to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center at Mile Marker 94 on Key Largo is an unforgettable experience. In addition to rescuing and rehabilitating injured birds, the center feeds wild birds on their beach each day at 3:30 pm, but it is best to arrive early. Just walk past the cages of  birds in rehab toward the shore as lunch approaches. The birds will point the way.

Follow the Signs

Almost There

You’ll know when you have reached your destination. The Brown Pelicans have already started to gather.

The Welcoming Committee

Take a seat, if you can. Otherwise, it will be standing room only for it seems all of the pelicans in Florida Bay have come for lunch.

The Crowd's Getting Restless

Tension fills the air as lunch time approaches.

All Eyes on the Waiter

Suddenly, a gloved hand reaches into a bucket and seafood flies everywhere.

Feeding Frenzy!

Every beak for himself. The pelicans are harmless, but if you’re standing too close you might accidentally get a wet wing in the kisser. Lunch is serious business around here.

Umm... Calamari

The guy with the biggest beak seems to get all the breaks.

Wait for me!

Fortunately, there’s food for all.


Finally, lunch ends and the crowd disperses.

Back to Work

After a late lunch is over the sun sinks lower in the sky and the bay-shore returns to normal.

Fishing Buddies

If you happen to be in the Florida Keys do yourself a favor and stop at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center. The visit is free, but donations are accepted. As with most charities, the recession has put the center’s work in jeopardy. The staff and volunteers care for injured animals who would probably die without their help. As for the afternoon feeding, the number of fish in Florida Bay has declined; so even that meets a need. If you’re unable to drop by, read the article found at the link above. If you enjoy wildlife I guarantee you’ll be touched.

10 thoughts on “it’s all about lunch

  1. I can just feel the excitement in the air just by looking at your pictures! Beautiful job! I’m glad there are places like this and hope they are able to continue their work for many years to come.

    • It was exciting. Most of the guests sat on a bench and enjoyed the “show.” Crazy one that I am, I got right down beside the birds. I needed a good shower when I got home. ; )

    • Thank you, Scott. The Wild Bird Center is a must-see when visiting the Florida Keys. The birds are used to people and so one is able to get close to birds that would otherwise shy away. It’s quite an experience. I appreciate your adding the Center to your list. They depend on the donations of visitors and friends to support their charitable work.

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