dry bones

Beachcombing is a recipe for stress relief. Just saunter along a wave brushed beach and explore for treasures along the shoreline. There’s much to be discovered: shells, tiny crabs, seaweed, coconuts, artifacts of civilization washed from somewhere across the sea, and driftwood. Long Key State Park in the beautiful Florida Keys is an ideal place for a relaxing stroll along a tropical Atlantic Ocean beach. Maintained in its natural state, the park offers three nature trails to visitors. One, the Golden Orb Trail, skirts the water’s edge.


There’s something wonderful about driftwood that draws eyes and hands to caress its sun-bleached form. Twisted pieces of root or branch now barkless and sanded smooth speak of a previous existence lost to the timeless  rhythm of tides and sea-breath.

Yesteryear's Roots

Some reveal intricate designs left by wood boring insects.


Then, there are the skeletons of trees that once graced the beach with lush verdure. Now only their dry bones stand, reminders of past storms that beat upon this shore. Still, their stark beauty of form with knots and burls, curious cavities, curves, and angles beckons onlookers to gaze in wonder as if in a sculptor’s gallery.

The Sculptor's Gallery

What beauty time has wrought that even as life’s cycle comes full circle there is purpose. Call it conservation of energy or simply the way of the wind and the waves. It is a journey all must take.


5 thoughts on “dry bones

  1. You always make me want to jump right into your pictures! If only I could just for a few hours and enjoy beachcombing with you. Right now we are in the middle of a blizzard so perhaps that is why I’m daydreaming about the beach…but don’t get me wrong – I love the snow too! Thank you for the delightful interlude in my day! 🙂

    • Go ahead. Jump! I’ll be right there to capture you.
      I know you’ll make the most of that blizzard–hot chocolate and story time, then all sorts of play in the morning in fresh deep snow. I remember a childhood blizzard when we had to tunnel out of our front door. Such fun!

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