Florida Keys Treasure—the White Great Blue Heron

Do you ever watch a bird soar and wish you  could fly? I do. If you are going to indulge in such delightful fantasies, the bird to choose is the white form of the Great Blue Heron.  These largest of the American herons live in the Florida Keys. Pure white with a larger body and longer yellow bill than their blue cousin, the white form (or morph) is a magnificent bird.

Click on each photo below to see its original.

Bird of sea shallows clothed in white

Born unique among heron kind

Great in form yet majestic in flight

Push off from mangrove tree

With mighty wings spread wide

Capture the wind and soar free

Climb through skies of powder blue

Reaching misty puffs on high

Bidding bay and shore adieu

Arise glorious in your gift

As in awe I watch your flight

And feel my spirits lift.

6 thoughts on “Florida Keys Treasure—the White Great Blue Heron

    • Thank you. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching birds in flight, particularly larger birds. Wherever I am, I just stop and take it all in.

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