Child of the sky

Hold your head high

With purpose you fly

To bring the twig nigh

At the nest stands your mate

With patience she’ll wait

Together love will plait

A nest for eggs of fate

For photos of more white birds, go to Views Infinitum by  Scott Thomas Photography. There you will find a guest blog that I wrote for his site on  Photographing White Birds. Scott and I have followed each others blogs over the past two years. Scott has a passion for photography and shares not only a variety of views through his lens, but the spirit behind each photo. I always enjoy each of his posts and have grown as a photographer as a result. I feel honored to be his first guest photographer.

12 thoughts on “Homebound

    • Clever comment. I used to dream of flying as a child. Maybe that’s why I love to watch birds in flight. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  1. Hi Karen! I just discovered your blog through your guest post on Views Infinitum, and I wish I had seen your site a few days ago! I just moved to Miami in November, and yesterday had my first tour of the Everglades. I used my Rebel Xsi to try and get some good photographs (all manual) but after reading some of your tutorials I wish I would have seen them first!! A lot of my photographs turned out slightly over or under-exposed. (It was hard to see my LCD screen outside to gauge how they looked, I think.) Your photographs are amazing! I will definitely be coming back here to see more 🙂

    • Oh, I am so glad you had an opportunity to tour the Everglades. I also find it hard to see my LCD screen in bright sunlight. One of the pieces of gear I hope to purchase is a Hoodman HoodLoupe. It allows viewing without glare.

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