Hold Fast

Walking through time’s tunnel

Reflections bounce back at me

Of clouds of gray and days of sun

Of windswept sand dancing patterns

Their fleeting moments of beauty

Captured in memories fading

Sometimes laced with depths

Or heights now tumbling

Infinite in form

The power of the moment


Just let me plunge roots deep

Where I can hold on

As I gather bits of sustenance

To green my leaves

And stretch my branches

To the sky

Sanctify me as I grow

With eternal purpose

Lest I wither and die

7 thoughts on “Hold Fast

    • Isn’t it amazing what a tiny bit of soil and some rain can produce? There’s an old abandoned bridge in the Florida Keys that has small trees growing on it. I always wondered how they could exist in such a barren environment.
      Thanks for your comment, Scott.

    • Thank you for viewing and responding to my post, Kelly. You too use words beautifully–image and imagery, from concrete to abstract. Isn’t much of life a metaphor?

  1. Love the picture and poem, so artfully done. You have such a beautiful talent. Thanks always for sharing with us!

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