Adrift in a sea of emptiness

I hunger

No longer can I deny

my need

The journey before me


Does not provision wait

for me?

I fly over jumbled colors

of dislocation

Sensing everything, but nothing

of value

Then a warming  attraction


Abundant supply awaits

my answer

Plunging deep I drink

sweet nectar

Life floods my tissues

and I am renewed

Matthew 6:25-34

8 thoughts on “Provision

  1. Oh, this picture is perfection! So delicate and I love how the butterfly and red stamens of the lilies stand out against the white flowers. The lighting is just beautiful too. I can’t believe this is in your backyard! Lovely poem as well.

    • Thanks, Carsten. The lily is not as lovely now. Their glory fades quickly, but now there are others. I wish I could bottle their fragrance.

    • Thanks, Scott. Sorry to surprise you like that, but the poem is an allegory, so there’s lots of room for interpretation. Glad you liked it.

  2. Your photos are amazing. Please let me use one or two for my blog? It might encourage visitors to read/stay a little longer! May you continue to see beyond the things that are seen to our great Creator God. The Lord bless you

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