Irreconcilable Differences

Light pried under the window shade

carrying memories of yesterday’s pain

and so I began another day

walking among the thistles

I tried to avoid the thorns

that lurked among the ferns

but they always found

my tender spots

Irreconcilable differences

formed the bars of my cage

mocking me with threats

of another failure

Unexpectedly, the quiet voice

of a sunbeam penetrated my void

and as I searched it out

Wisdom revealed herself

A bee sprinkled with pollen

a child’s musical laughter

the brush of a breeze on my cheek

and the glory of a thistle bloom

Then I remembered

secrets once shared

the warmth in your eyes

the dimple I so loved

Dare I focus once again

on those simple delights

as I turn to take the road

called Forgiveness?

What if I even choose

to believe in you?

Perhaps then you too

can notice the sunlight…

4 thoughts on “Irreconcilable Differences

  1. Aha! Thank you for the wonderful comment, very kind and uplifting. Very much appreciated and I’ll be sure to keep checking your wonderful postings every day. 😀 Thanks again.

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