When gales attack with unrelenting vengeance

So that  you can scarcely find a foothold to anchor shaking limbs

As icy fingers dig into the fibers of your soul

And your vision fails in the rolling fog,


Trials like moon driven tides ebb and flow

With promises of blue skies and warm breezes

Until  time to hold fast again against a fresh onslaught

And build strength deep within your core,

Hang on.

Each crashing wave deposits confidence

from the hand of the One who steadies you

And whispers in the wind

Do not be afraid for I Am with you.

Move not.

For you have chosen to take the precipice

Where suffering constructs character

Unknown to most who prefer an easier path

While missing the rewards of obedience.


7 thoughts on “Endure

  1. Your prose and poetry are so inspiring… and your photos are breathtaking! They draw me into them until I feel I’m right there! An incredible feeling! Your blog is truly awesome… Thank you!

    • And you are generous. I am glad that you’ve found Morning Joy and hope you continue to enjoy it. Blessings!

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