Sun-kissed Mist

There are moments when the hush of creeping fog collides with morning sunshine and something wondrous happens. One cannot help but stop and gaze at the beauty created by sun-kissed mist.

Such a gift caught me by surprise one Maine morning in Acadia National Park. Droplets of dew became jewels. Shafts of light transformed lichen laden tree forms.

I took many images in hopes of capturing the delight of a forest transformed by the marriage of light and water vapor. These are but three of my favorites.

I’m partial to this image. It seemed to me to be a visual representation of a message God gave to the prophet Isaiah: “Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it, whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left.”* Doesn’t it seem at times in life that we have to navigate through a forest? It sure helps to have Light to direct your path.

*Isaiah 30:21

12 thoughts on “Sun-kissed Mist

  1. Very, very beautiful.
    The first image is my favourite. I like the symmetry with the straight tree in the middle. Very nice shadows on the ground.
    This is a winner Karen.

    We use to call these beams of light: “Gods fingers”

    • Your discovery of my blog enabled my discovery of yours! I thoroughly enjoyed your slideshow. I can tell that you enjoy your photography. Your creativity is evident in every image.

  2. While on vacation in the woods of Pennsylvania, my family would take hikes. The girls used to jump into the streams of light and sing proclaiming they were angels. Precious memories!

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