Dockside at Eventide

When day’s work is done

A person needs to release

One’s pressures to the setting sun

And sit awhile at peace.

Find a place where water’s calm

Then, tie your boat to a dock

Let the celestial sphere be your balm

With ne’er a glance at the clock.

Allow deepening shadows to creep

Over burden’s desperate cries

Release each one into the deep

As you gaze upon the evening skies.

8 thoughts on “Dockside at Eventide

    • Thank you for all of your recent comments. You get an A+ for being a faithful follower of this blog. I love you too!

    • We had dinner there, dockside. The fresh fish was as good as the view.
      Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I do think about it. Soon, perhaps…

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