Night Eyes

Alone at dusk I seek a lofty perch

A place to watch and rest ‘til dawn

When light flashes my humble birch

All hope of slumber’s now forgone.

I turn and stare at this rude stranger

Whose interruption puts most to flight

Yet my roost keeps me from danger

So I observe these creatures of the night.

Two humans wade through the bracken

Black objects held before their face

I wonder if their senses are a-lackin’

Wandering through this wild place.

They must not know what lies ahead

The snake, the gator; a poisonwood tree

Or they would choose a walk by day instead

Rather than a nocturnal wilderness spree.

Look! Now the objects light me up anew

Such bizarre behavior I am lost to explain

With a smile and a nod it seems they’re through

Guess they captured what they came to attain.

Note: This beautiful osprey put up with us while I fired my Better Beamer assisted flash at him. He is a resident of Florida’s eastern Everglades and a most patient one at that.

7 thoughts on “Night Eyes

    • I like my Better Beamer. I don’t use it often, but it’s great for long shots when you need more fill light. Thanks for your comment.

    • Thank you. I enjoy your blog. You try so many things and seem to have so much fun with your photography. I particularly enjoyed your photo of California County Park–such beautiful blues in the sky and water and oh, those orange leaves…

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