Water Lily Grace

Refusing to enter another day’s jangle

I chose instead a solitary garden stroll.

Cool breezes caressed my cheek as I wandered

Led by a bevy of fluttering dragonflies.

There before me spread a luminous pool

Winking a welcome of tossed sunbeams.

A cinnamon skipper fluttered nearby

Lured by delicate scents of sweet  nectar.

Mounted on stalks of varied hues

Water lilies spread their petals heavenward.

Each echoed glories of the day now proclaimed

In rainbow palates of vibrant beauty.

Stunned by their loveliness I sunk to my knees

Resting in the embrace of wonder.

Lulled by the rhythm of wings I found myself

Renewed once again in my Creator’s garden.


4 thoughts on “Water Lily Grace

  1. Our Father must be well pleased with you, how beautifully you capture His creation with your lens and how appreciative you are of His wondrous creation!

  2. Hi – thanks for visiting my blog recently…I look forward to exploring your work in the not too distant future!! 😀 Have a great day xx

  3. These flowers are so very beautiful. And your photography makes them almost alive on the screen. The red (cyklamen?) water lilly with its blurry background, looks as if it rises out so you could touch it.

    • Thank you, Carsten. I had fun photographing the water lilies. I’ve loved these flowers ever since I first saw them as a child. I don’t know their names.

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