In the Kingdom,

Filling the void within

Is an art form.

It takes skill

To move with controlled


To catch the object

Of your desire


In silence you wait

Inching forward


Muscles tense

Waiting for the precise

Instant to attack.

Just a moment

Of struggle

Then silence.

Another conquest

to repel hunger

For a time…

American Alligator and Great Egret–two predators each with their own survival agenda; both born with the innate skill to ward off starvation by stalking and seizing their prey. 

6 thoughts on “Stalking

    • Oh, thank you, Carsten. I took the gator photo while standing on a boardwalk. Interestingly enough, the photo was taken in RAW and just turned out blue and green, even after correcting white balance.

  1. The words brought the tension of the hunt, the photos show the adaptations which give the two predators a chance at success.

    Looks like there was trees/shrubs reflecting in the water around the ‘gator. The blueness is what happened to me with the Canada Geese I photographed when their black wingtips looked blue. Was it overcast for that photo, MJ?

  2. Stopping by to say HELLO! – and let you know that I
    wonder often how you are!
    I’m sure you’ve been as busy as I — so NOW
    I’m going to send you Happy Holiday Greetings!


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