…and the two shall be one flesh

Tonight is Christmas Eve. Living in Florida hardly presents me with season appropriate photos, but in looking through my Lightroom collections, this recent photo of two boat-tailed grackles struck me. While engaged in courtship display, the early morning light silhouetted their bodies and they seemed to merge into one. The resulting photo reminded me of the classic Scripture read at many weddings, Mark 10:8. “and the two shall become one flesh, so then they are no longer two, but one flesh.” What does that have to do with Christmas? Love. We celebrate the birth of the Christ child, because God gave his only Son. That incredible gift is the definition of love.

So, this Christmas I give you my photo and a bit of prose to accompany it. Merry Christmas!



When love sprouted our vitality knew no bounds;

We lived for each other,

so we thought.

Just  for a smile, an embrace;

a confirmation of

expected commendation.

Our youth loved for a purpose;

“You make me happy,”

I rejoiced.

Then, the trials began and love came harder.

You no longer met all my needs

and I felt lost.

The hands of time spun crazily

through diapers, work, duties unending,

and  blurred dreams.

Yet, together we persevered ,

bound by a promise

and mustard seed sized faith.

Those were the cementing years

when we learned

to fulfill vows.

Love exchanged its tingle for

knowing , born of sharing too many tears

and secret laughter.

Now we live in winter’s season, but we warm

and nourish each other

rather than seek for ourselves.

Life is good

and love

is  forever.

3 thoughts on “…and the two shall be one flesh

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Karen.
    We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with our son and his new family.
    Our granddaughters first Christmas. -She didnt care 🙂
    But her two sisters aged 5 and 8 had fun, singing and laughing.
    I couldn’t wish for more.

  2. When we are older, with our joints and bones aching before every cold spell, and, in this country, snowstorm, love has been tested over and over again, and it is stronger and deeper somehow. This, to me, is the perfect Christmas poem: Of love lasting and feeling that life is good. The photograph is, as usual, stunning. Thank you for this.

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