Birds of a Feather…

Why is it that we seek our own kind

when a friend we desire to find?

Not  needing to lay a foundation

Saves communication frustration.

Perhaps in the ease of conversation

we begin to taste our liberation.

Yet brothers can feel offended

over issues loudly contended.

Forgiveness is the healing balm

that restores and brings calm.

Kinship forged through such tests

produces souls deeply blessed.

Note: These black vultures sat in a row on the boardwalk railing in the early morning fog at Anhinga Trail in Florida’s Everglades National Park. I observed them for awhile and found that they take clues from each other. When one turns, eventually all turn. When one flies most join in flight. Often there are squabbles, probably territorial, where one will chase another while awkwardly loping along the ground. After the hot pursuit, the birds seem to get along. They forage in groups thus explaining one reason why “birds of a feather flock together.”

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