Owl Babies

I promised to post photos of the Barred Owl chicks mentioned in my last post, Guard Duty, if I could find them. Last week I went back to the spot where I was able to capture an image of a parent Barred Owl with my husband and another photographer. We searched everywhere. Everywhere that is, but straight up. There, in a tall tree at least 25 feet above me I spotted two feathered butts nestled together on a branch. After some searching around for an opening in the leaves on the other side of the branch I found these two chicks.

At first, I couldn’t see their little faces. Then I remembered that the parent had been attracted by the clicking of my shutter and so I began shooting away. Sure enough, curiosity got the best of them and they looked down to see what was making all that noise. The baby on the left was most active while the owl on the right seemed to want to sleep.

After enduring all of our attention the owls moved to a more  secluded part of the tree. It seems that even baby owls are wise. I searched for the parents, but didn’t see them. Truth be known, they were probably watching us the whole time.


12 thoughts on “Owl Babies

    • We went back again and this time were treated to the parents calling back and forth to each other before one (I think it was Momma) flew down within view to check us out. The chicks, meanwhile, napped in the nest. Such fun watching this owl family.

  1. I was searching for baby owl photos to accompany an owl unit for my home educated 5 year old. He will be so thrilled to see this! Thanks for sharing your photographs!

  2. Such cute little cuddly babies! I really enjoyed browsing your blogs today. Thanks for sharing your talent. Love ya! XO

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