Evening Promise

Twilight in the Glades

The clouds held their breath

not daring to ripple hushed water

as blue velvet spilled across sky

and me.

The inky black of night

captured tall pine soldiers

and threatened to spread its void

deep within.

Yet a ribbon of promise

stretched wide and said,

“Hold my glory tight

‘til I return.”

I grasped for the pledge

of a dawn not seen

and vowed to treasure

the bonded word.

With its flame sequestered

in my heart and sealed by faith

I dared to turn and enter

another night.

Dear Readers,

Please forgive my absence. I’ve been away from Morningjoy’s Blog for some time. My rest is over and I’m happy to return with a fresh look and new content. I hope you enjoy it.


9 thoughts on “Evening Promise

  1. This photograph is phenomenal. My visits to Florida have obviously been to all the wrong places. The poem is well done too. After the glory are we ready to enter night? I’m not sure, but I certainly believe you will be given this post.

    • Oh, then you must revisit Florida. Try the back country paths. That’s where the treasure lies. Thank you for your comment and your wish. Joy comes in the morning.

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