Lady in Waiting

The lady endures through unending night,

Her surface a witness of composure.

Still holding fast the dream of morning light;

Belying secret pain without measure.

For within her depths lurk memories dark,

Of untold hardships and private anguish.

Regrets of deferred hope have left their mark,

On youthful fantasies left to languish.

But then shatters darkness’ hold all around,

As streams of living color spread their holy glow.

Life floods her tortured soul with love now found,

And trust renewed for each day’s ebb and flow.

                For all this simple truth is plain to see,

                Live in light day and night and you’ll be free.


Note: I took this photo at Long Pine Key in  Florida’s Everglades National Park during the pre-dawn twilight hour. The placid lake waters reminded me of a woman, beautiful on the outside but hurting deep within. With this thought in mind, I dared to pen a sonnet in her honor.


6 thoughts on “Lady in Waiting

    • Bless you, Thomas. A confession: I’ve never written a sonnet before, so your comment has served to encourage this fledgling poet.

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