Compelled by Love


Compelled  by Love


From depths within as if I would burst

Wells a fire born of Love’s grace

Compelling release of power sweet

As spring lashed rain

Yet mighty as eagle’s down.


What impetus, you ask, fills your breast

With beats of fife and drum

‘Ere in woodland, plain, or marsh you press

Onward, bearing Charity’s gift

To crippled, lame, and lost.


‘Tis Father’s mantle running red

Through Son so pure  and holy

That bound my wounds,

Kissed tear-stained cheeks,

And whispered, “Come, dance with me.”


I cannot halt this journey

For all must hear Wind’s engaging song

Of ardor rich beyond measure

Freely lavished for all;

This, eternity’s greatest treasure.


Note: My wish to you during this festive season is that you would know true love so rich and full that welling up within you it overflows on all around.



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