Wild "Cracker Horses" in Paynes' Prairie Preserve State Park

What words tell of the ethereal,

a quality elusive

yet conceived of universal longing.

Every life cries for the chance

to run free,

to be one with the wind.

Even in the depths of night

beats a dream of desire

to let potential rise.

So creation wails,

“Release me!”

Let me dive, let me climb,

let me explore. . .me.

I was not made for fetters,

for within my breast

a cadence beats:

freedom, FREEdom, F R E E D O M!

Note: The wild horses of Paynes’ Prairie Preserve State Park are descendents of the first horses brought to America by the Spanish explorers. Free to roam 21,000 acres of grassland, these horses have never known captivity.  The park is located 10 miles south of Gainesville, in Micanopy, Florida. I chanced to photograph these horses shortly before sunset on a warm winter day.


2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Love this anthem to the magnificent, wild creature within us that longs to roam free! Beautiful images as well, great post.

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