Morning Mist

Early Morning on the Everglades Sawgrass Prairie

Blanket of gauze

lay upon me,

sooth me.

Gentle breath

cleanse me,

refresh me.

Fog fingers

caress me,

before you go.

For scorching rays

will come

to sap me.

Harsh winds


with cruel whip.

Yet, the memory

of your kiss

sustains me.

And I know

you will


Morning Fog Gently Laid on Spiderweb and Sedge

Note: On my early morning visits to the Everglades,  I always look for fog. When I see it hugging the lowlands excitement wells up within me,  for fog brings a mysterious beauty to all that it touches and a challenge to capture its wistful essence.


One thought on “Morning Mist

  1. What spectacular images of light cracking the shadowy sky to illuminate the mist-shrouded earth below. Just as light comes and goes, with promise always to return, your words fly in perfect sync with the landscape.

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