Treasures of the Night

Night Sky at Long Pine Key


Scout out the treasures of the night,

seek the lonely places;

forfeit  coveted rest

to plumb the expanse of heaven.


Open your eyes to a glorious firmament,

gasp at the diamond studded vault

spread above statues of pine;

Count them if you can.


Let awe seize you,

pull you, stretch you;

cause you to wonder:

How far is endless?


How many grains of sand

line the seas and lay hidden

in the depths of an abyss

not seen?


Count them if you can.

Add the stars in their galaxies,

and the hairs on seven billion heads.

Then consider their Maker .

Note: This photo was taken  with my Nikon D300. My settings were: ISO 3200,18mm, f/8 at 30 sec. Noise aside, I was delighted with the stars caught by my camera that I could not see with the naked eye. The pine trees got a little assist from my husband’s flashlight as he painted them with light. This is only my second attempt at static starscapes, but my heart has been captured and I look forward to seeking out more star-studded nights.

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