Blue Heron Babies


On Alert

Batty and Bashful

Brothers Invincible

It's getting a little crowded around here...

Too young to fly, but big enough to get around on spindly legs, these great blue heron siblings keep visitors at Wakodahatchee Wetlands entertained.

The wetlands are best described from their website: “The name, Wakodahatchee, has an interesting history. It is derived from the Seminole Indian Language and translates as “created waters.” The created waters at Wakodahatchee Wetlands are an example of people giving something back to nature. Fifty acres of unused utilities land have been transformed into a wetlands ecosystem.” Located in suburban Delray Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida the wetlands offer a concentrated look at south Florida birds in their natural environment. For natives and visitors alike, Wakodahatchee is a do not miss destination.

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