Cumberland Falls, Kentucky 


When the wind is right

a gentle mist falls from your apron

and I reach up to touch my cheek

wet with your kiss


Once again I have come

to sit before you

as your thunder

envelops me


I need you to hold

my fragile spirit

long enough

for time to stop


I sort my thoughts

before they tumble

onto sandstone and agate

and disappear  downstream


In the impetuous turbulence

of your plunge

I gain perspective

over moments past


Your ancient rhythm

sings to me of

passages gone quickly

yet ever flowing


Washed, I see clearly

of memories sad and sweet

in a journey unique

yet ever common


Emboldened, I turn onto

to the rock strewn path

with a surer step

and an upturned chin


Note: When I visited Cumberland Falls in the beautiful state of Kentucky, I couldn’t help but pause and stare at the 68 foot cascade of rushing water. Seated in lush forest vegetation, the falls commands you to stop and watch its perpetual beauty. I felt it was a time for admiration and reflection. I found the experience both soothing and refreshing.

5 thoughts on “WATERFALL THERAPY

  1. Good morning, joy! Your poetry is beautiful (and your pictures aren’t bad either). Thank you for sharing them with us.

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