Misty Morn

Fog cozies up to the river

like soft bedclothes

giving precious moments of calm

before the light descends.

No garish color’s allowed here

no heron’s squawk

only the gentle hum-dum

of a Cracker’s fishing boat.

It’s a sacred time

when the cypress forest

breathes softly

over wings of Spanish moss.

But the mounting sun

has his way

and mist’s veil must part

to reveal the glories of another day.

Note: This photo was taken on Dunn’s Creek, a meandering river between Crescent Lake and the St. John’s River in northeastern Florida. The small boat you see disappearing in the distance carries life-long resident Billie and his brother on a quest for  catfish. Crescent Lake is a hot place to fish. If you like to fish, this article might interest you.

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