Evening’s Ease

After the thunderheads play out their tumult

And Sun’s fiery orb extinguishes itself in Gulf waters

The earth takes a deep breath and exhales with ease

And we slip into the moment as into  well-worn slippers

No need for contemplation’s ghosts now

It is enough to just be

Listen to the lap-lapping of gentle waters

Watch heaven’s watercolors run into each other

Let awe wash  your soul

Feel a zephyr’s kiss brush you cheek


Note: I took this photo soon after sunset from Horseshoe Beach on Florida’s Gulf  Coast. The sunset had been bold with hues of red and orange, but after it left the horizon a pastel calm  prevailed. The moment spoke to me and so I wrote this poem.

4 thoughts on “Evening’s Ease

  1. One of the most serene and easily breathing poems I’ve ever read. Really beautiful. Reading this poem through once is worth a few hours of meditation.

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