Feathered Fashion

As the finest of gentlemen

I have refined my acumen

Choosing  to avoid the mundane

Rather it is elegance I desire to obtain

Seeking both style and functionality

The opulent look suits my personality

So I have chosen a feathered creation

Classic, yet regal-quite the sensation

I will select colors of greenish-blue

Brushed with accents of a bronze hue

For the perfect touch to complete this attire

A coat of ivory on black I shall acquire

Just a bit of straightening here and there

Then out to find some cute chick to snare

 Note: This sharp dude is a male Anhinga in mating plumage. Handsome indeed!

10 thoughts on “Feathered Fashion

  1. Abolutely awesome photo and poem!!!!!!!

    By the way, are you back working in the Everglades? When it is cooler, we will be sure to make a visit for you to give us a tour. Not sure how far Bruce will be able to walk, but I think he can do it!

    Memorable time with you there and I have some lovely photos.

    Hugs, Cherry

    cmlifestrm@aol.com curich38@aol.com New Cell Phone No. 407.300.3411 2142 Bonanza Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792 Jesus is the ONLY answer

    • Thank you, Cherry. I haven’t been to the Everglades in awhile. Now that the weather is cooler and the rains have subsided somewhat, I plan a trip quite soon. Visit anytime!We would love to see you.

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