Comfortable with Obscurity

A Solitary American Bittern*

You there among willows, statuary-still

A slice of awe, this rare glimpse of your visage

Skilled in stealth you prowl among lean reeds

Comfortable with obscurity

A loner, they say

Aloof, let this one be

Little does the pack understand

The heart of solitude

Under wide skies of blue and gold

There are treasures to mine

Food fit for the seeker of the hidden

Revelation born of hushed reflection

Let us learn from you

How to listen to the wind

And yield to its beckoning

You who plumb the depths of clouds

Mirrored in fertile waters

Teach us to find renewal in a rainstorm

And satiety in a rainbow

To quiet ourselves

With the satisfaction of solitude

* The American Bittern is a solitary bird. By nature it seeks the camouflage of marsh grasses, reeds, and brush. Its secretive stealth allows it to find and seize prey.  The population of American Bitterns have been negatively affected by loss of habitat.

I see in this mid-sized heron a metaphor for the quiet one: the person who prefers a walk in wilderness to a party or the comfort of a good book to the cacophony of sound and light in popular entertainment.

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