Pecking Order

Cooper's Hawk 1-2

I am Accipiter cooperiia if you please

A prince over field and trees

My plumage may speak of youth

Yet avian skill declares the truth

Hatched a predator within my class

For slighter fellows, it’s their morass

Crafted to be adroit in flight

On the unsuspecting I will alight

I weave deftly through foliage dense

While blue jays attempt their air defense

With raucous calls of “away, away!”

They peck at my head in child’s play

But In this world of give and take

Some must sacrifice for my sake

You see, it’s seed they seek forevermore

While  I was created a carnivore

Cooper's Hawk 2-

Note: This Cooper’s Hawk visits a park near our home on occasion. For months I have tried to get a closer look for the purpose of identification and the possibility of securing some photos. Then, earlier this week this beautiful Accipiter appeared and became most cooperative. I even got to hear the bird call for its mate. From far away the answer came; then the hawk took wing and disappeared. What a treat!

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