Water Wonder-bird



Shy mysterious one

Veiled by arrowhead forests

Your long slender toes carry you

Over fallen stems and water lettuce islands

Head low, your ruby eyes search

Here a tasty dragonfly

There, a tender spikerush shoot

Plump, but light ball of feather-fluff

Won’t you stop for an instant?

I  want to gaze on your plumate back

A  fine montage of rust, ebony, and white

You’re going

I wish one day to hear you call again

Until then I will listen

For your melodious whinny

To pluck my heart strings

And perhaps glimpse your wonder

Once again

 Note: I chanced to see this lovely member of the rail family at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Florida’s Palm Beach County. It emerged from the bulrushes where I had been watching Red-winged Blackbirds.It was a bird that I had never seen before. Later on, I listened to bird watcher’s chatter and learned that I had enjoyed watching, and photographing, a Sora. A member of the rail family,  they frequent South Florida’s wetlands during the winter months. As you might tell from my poem, I consider the sighting of this bird a real treat.

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