Evening Stroll

Wildflower Wisdom

Wildflower Wisdom


An evening stroll brought me to this place

where along the path weeds flourished

A scattered motley assortment

hardly worthy of notice, I thought

Suddenly, gloaming’s last rays reached out

transforming the mundane

I stopped, drawn to Lantana’s lanterns,

glowing among cool fields of blue and emerald

Awed by beauty, I lowered to my knees,

welcomed by nature’s humblest of species

Wonder spoke in words ethereal

causing me to reconsider

Judgments of uselessness or worth

paraded the halls of my consciousness

How easily I toss one aside and accept another,

while refusing to perceive significance

The weeds rustled in the evening breeze

as Lantana nodded

I arose and resumed my walk,

a wiser pilgrim

 Note: I found this little patch of beauty in a most unusual place, alongside Dump Marsh. Dump Marsh is just that, a place where the effluent of city water processing flows out over the land forming a wetland. As unbecoming as the surrounding area may be, it is a favorite haunt of birders and nature photographers. 


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