Feeding Frenzy

My husband and I love watching birds. We have tried through the years to attract birds to our yard by providing ample perches, water, and of course seed. We were successful in attracting birds, but we also attracted hungry squirrels–lots of them. Finally we found a bird feeder that outsmarts the squirrels, the Brome Bird Care Squirrel Buster Plus. It refuses to dispense seed when any creature weighing more than 3 oz lands on its perch. This year, with our new bird feeder, we have enjoyed watching a variety of birds feast in our backyard. Don’t worry about the squirrels they get to clean up all  the seed that falls on the ground. Meet a few of our new bird guests:

Common Grackles

Common Grackles

The grackles have been our most active visitors. You can hear these noisy birds coming. They land at the feeder and like pigs at a tough, they gorge on seed while scattering it everywhere. Perhaps they’re in cahoots with the squirrels.  These two grackles learned that their combined weight stopped the flow of seed. As soon as one yielded to the other by taking wing, the seed was again available. When bossy the grackles visit, all other birds in the area wait in the ‘wings’ for their turn. Meet a frequent visitor at our feeder:

Female Cardinal

Female Cardinal

Ummm… Nothing like a little yummy millet to raise a girl’s  crest! Isn’t she a beaut?

Cardinal Male-

Male Cardinal

Papa’s arrived in all his vermillion splendor, but another colorful couple is on the way:

Female Painted Bunting

Female Painted Bunting

This beauty is wearing daffodil yellow and chartreuse body feathers with watercress green wings accented by a touch of lavender. Gorgeous!

Painted Bunting Male 2-

Male Painted Bunting

Can you imagine our joy when her mate showed up? The bounty of his colors and the artistry of their arrangement is unparalleled in North America. These lovely birds and more show up in our back yard daily. We happily make trips to the store foradditional birdseed to supply this feeding frenzy. May it never stop!

Here’s one more photo of this luxuriously clothed bird:

Male Painted Bunting in all His Glory

Male Painted Bunting in all His Glory

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