Buttonwood Blessing

Buttonwood Blessing

Buttonwood Blessing

Beyond mangrove’s arching barricade of roots lies a salt marsh wonderland

A sea of Batis undulates in waves of chartreuse where ghosts stand watch

Trees ravaged by hurricane’s cruelty now host epiphytes’ glory

Still deeper into nature’s treasures lies a forest where buttonwoods stand

Rugged denizens of limestone and meager humus rise with dignity

Supporters of life’s plethora, they cluster with arms extending

Their celebration sings under skies cerulean muted only by tiers of moss

Walk here with reverence for around you wonders abound

Petite blooms of soothing colors and fragrance sweet hide among the branches

Lichen’s limitless mosaics scatter life bearing spores upon the wind

Clusters of cardinal airplants sport fiery tongues of flame, tipped deep purple and yellow

Barred owls hoot love songs while delicate orange butterflies seek nectar sweet

Wilderness like this beckons the human soul to discover her secrets

Come and taste of me, she whispers

You’ll never be the same

Buttonwood Bones

Buttonwood Bones

Cowhorn Orchid-

Cowhorn Orchid

Cardinal Airplant

Cardinal Airplant

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