Juvenile Jabberwocky–heron style

Juvenile Great Blue Heron

Juvenile Great Blue Heron

I may be a juvenile, but not for long!

They say I look handsome, like my  Dad

Check out my dark blue crown

So what if a few feathers slip out of place

I possess a great name and a greater destiny

Soon I’ll soar on giant wings

My form alone will command respect

Have you heard the power of my SQUAWK?

I am a GREAT blue heron

Mom?   Mom!   Where’s Mom?

I’m hungry!

I found this juvenile Great Blue Heron at the Venice Area Audubon Rookery on Florida’s west coast. It sat, seemingly mesmerized, alone near the pond shoreline. About ten feet away,  sat a mature Great Blue, presumably a parent on watch. Both birds allowed me to approach with my camera, the adult comfortable enough to take a nap. Amused by the young bird’s disheveled feathers, I captured this photo.

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